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Wakeboard Boat Insurance

Wakeboard boat insurance offers comprehensive protection for lovers of nautical thrills. Guaranteeing the safety of your boat and your wakeboard equipment, it allows for worry-free aquatic adventures.

This specialized insurance covers damage caused by accidents, theft or other incidents linked to wakeboarding. With customizable options, it adapts to your specific needs.

Enjoy every trip with peace of mind, knowing that your boat and equipment are in good hands. Embark with confidence, explore the waves and live your passion to the fullest in complete safety.

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Protection for all types of wakeboard boats

Regardless of the type of wakeboard boat, we advise you to protect your boat with insurance tailored to your situation. You’ll be covered, so you can enjoy your activities with peace of mind.

Money-saving tips

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18-hour navigation course

When talking to your Malouin broker, don’t hesitate to mention whether you have taken a navigation course of 18 hours or more given by the Maritime Institute.

Are you a good driver?

Depending on your choice of insurer, you may benefit from a lower deductible if you have a good record and no damage to your boat.

Wakeboard Boats Insurance

The various types of protection available

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Civil liability

The third-party liability policy will cover any bodily injury or property damage caused to a third party in the event of an incident.

Purchase financing

Bear in mind that if you are financing the purchase of your boat, the creditor will undoubtedly require liability insurance. He will also require you to insure the material asset.

“approved value

This policy protects your boat at a value agreed between you and your insurer. There will be no depreciation in the event of total loss of your boat.

“Value at date of loss

Compensation is calculated on the basis of the cost of repair or replacement, less depreciation on the object or part.

Theft, vandalism and fire

Would you prefer to take out comprehensive insurance? This covers incidents such as theft or vandalism. In any case, make sure you know what the exclusions are so you can make an informed decision.


Before deciding whether to insure your boat with your homeowner’s policy, check whether it covers collision. This isn’t always the case, and you may want to take out boat insurance to make sure you’re well protected.

Equipment and accessories

Protect your equipment and accessories such as your trailer, motor, sonar and more. Following an accident, you’ll benefit from a settlement based on replacement value. No deductible applies.

Loss of use guarantee

If you lose the use of your boat in the event of a claim, we offer you the rental of a replacement boat up to the amount specified in the conditions of your contract, so you don’t have to miss the season!

General questions


Is boat insurance compulsory?

In theory, boat insurance is not compulsory. However, it’s a good idea to at least take out liability insurance. What’s more, in the event of financing, the creditor will usually demand it.

Is it better to take out boat insurance than to add my boat to my home insurance?

You can cover your boat with your home insurance, even if it’s a vehicle. But take the time to understand what’s involved. In fact, in this case, it is mainly civil liability that is covered. Sometimes fire, collision or theft can also be covered. But anything to do with marine assistance or towing at sea, for example, will not be covered. Depending on your needs, you may want to take out boat insurance.

Beyond a certain number of steam horses and boat length, you’ll have no choice but to insure your boat separately. Contact us to find out more!

I'm planning to make some modifications to my boat. What should I do?

For any changes you plan to make, you must first inform your insurance broker. This ensures that you always have the right protection for your boat. What’s more, your insurance may cover certain types of modifications!

Am I covered if I sail outside Canada?

Usually, navigation is covered for inland and coastal waters (up to 100 nautical miles) of Canada and the United States located between the 52nd and 40th degrees north latitude, i.e. :

  • the Ottawa River,
  • lakes and rivers between Quebec and Ontario,
  • the St. Lawrence River,
  • New Brunswick’s inland waters,
  • the inland waters of Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island as far as New York (Hudson River and harbor excluded).

The west coast of Canada and the United States, west of 120 degrees west longitude, is also included. For other destinations, you will probably need to request an extension to the territorial limits of your insurance coverage.

Am I covered if I sail in Florida?

If you’re sailing in Florida, you’ll need to take out adequate insurance, as “Canadian” insurance covers navigation on inland and coastal waters (up to 100 nautical miles) in Canada and the U.S. located between the 52nd and 40th degrees north latitude.

The west coast of Canada and the United States, west of 120 degrees west longitude, is also included. For other destinations, you will probably need to request an extension to the territorial limits of your insurance coverage.

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