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Commercial Car Insurance

If you drive a vehicle registered in your company’s name, you need this insurance. This includes cars, trucks, heavy vehicles or pick-ups. If your company owns 5 vehicles or more, then you have a fleet. In this case, you can benefit from a discount. Talk to your broker, who will be happy to assess your situation.

Jewellers and Jewellery Makers Insurance

As a jeweler, you’re surrounded by valuable material. Whether you run your own shop or take part in trade shows and exhibitions, you need to be adequately protected. You also need to be aware of the security required by insurers. Talk to your broker.

Commercial Cybersecurity Insurance

New technologies are a must for modern companies. But they can also be a major source of concern when it comes to security, especially now that telecommuting has become more common. It’s time to take the right steps to secure your IT systems. Cybersecurity insurance is one of them!

Contractors Insurance

You work long hours to make your business project a success. A sound growth strategy includes insurance with real protection in the event of a setback. The better your broker understands what you do, the more likely he or she will be able to offer you a product that suits your needs. Think of us as partners in your success!

Wholesalers and Retailers Insurance

From the moment customers walk into your premises, liability insurance is a must. And since you have a bricks-and-mortar business, you’ll want to take out insurance against theft, fire or vandalism. It’s also strategic to consider a potential business interruption in the event of a claim. These are important questions, so let us guide you through the process.

Real Estate Insurance

As a property owner, you have a responsibility to take out insurance to protect yourself in the event of a claim due to fire, theft or vandalism. You want to be able to rebuild your building, but you also want to cover the possible loss of rental income. Never underestimate the importance of liability insurance. Discuss it with your broker, who will help you figure it out.

Industrial Insurance

The industrial sector is broad and varied, making it difficult to establish general rules for insurance. The right product for you will depend on your market, your type of production and your raw materials. There are many variables to consider. The more specific the information you provide to your broker, the better your coverage will meet your needs.

Legal Fees Insurance

This insurance covers legal expenses up to approximately $15,000. Generally, this amount will be sufficient to build a case that will help you defend yourself in the event of litigation. You may also want to consider seeking professional assistance. Wondering whether such a product could be useful to you? Discuss it with your broker, who will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Manufacturers Insurance

You manufacture products, and even if you don’t do so on an industrial scale, you work tremendously hard. Your insurance needs to protect you at every stage of production. Your equipment, your premises, your products, your raw materials, everything that goes into your production. You put so much passion and energy into it, take the time to analyze your situation with your broker. With the right protection, you’ll have peace of mind.

Professional Liability Insurance

If you perform professional acts that are governed by an order, college or corporation, this product is for you. From the moment you start advising clients, it’s in your best interest to protect yourself, even if you’re working in good faith. Talk it over with your broker, who will be able to tell you about the various options available to you.

Carriers Insurance

This insurance operates on 2 distinct levels. It protects the goods you own while in transit. It also protects goods you are transporting for someone else. In fact, you must insure the latter for your customers, as you are responsible for them throughout the transport.

Hole-in-one Insurance

This insurance’s name is derived from the fund-raising activities of golf tournaments. These activities are generally organized by a foundation or organization. It reimburses the amount of the prize money donated following the event. Nowadays, it applies to hockey shoot-outs or any other skill-testing contest.

You have so many other concerns, let us protect your assets.

Morin Assurance

Business insurance firm established in Montreal since 1946.

Morin assurance was founded in 1946 by Pierre Morin, who had just retired as a professional field hockey player. Used to hard work, he put all his energy into creating a company worthy of his customers’ trust.

Over the years, Morin Assurance has carved out an enviable place for itself in the insurance industry, always putting its customers’ interests above all else.

In 2021, Malouin Assurance, headquartered in Saint-Césaire, acquired the company. The company is in excellent health, and Malouin brings its expertise in all types of insurance, particularly agricultural. The adventure continues, and the human factor remains at the heart of the firm’s priorities.

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